IK at Work

The following goals encompass transportation, development at the Downtown and neighborhood level, and policies that change the way that business is done. Actions address how quality of life, shared prosperity, and continuous engagement will be advanced throughout the City. These actions will help to shape the City’s urban form, supporting improved walkability and bike-ability within an equitable and accessible urban environment. 

Each goal includes a set of corresponding action items that will be the focus of a project work plan. The details of the action items published - lead, partners, timelines, funding, and metrics are a starting point for engagement. It is the City’s core practice to engage the community throughout the life of each of the action items.


The City of Kalamazoo and our partners are invested in the following projects which residents and other stakeholders named important throughout the Imagine Kalamazoo process.  Below are details on specific projects, for updates or more information please contact the Project Manager.

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Strategic Goal
Connected City, Complete Neighborhoods, Inviting Public Places, Safe Community

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