The Northside Neighborhood Plan led by the Northside Association for Community Development (NACD) was adopted by the Planning Commission on August 2nd 2018. One strategy of the plan focuses on strengthening the existing Northside Cultural Business District (NCBD) through the creation of a Northside Cultural Business District Authority (NCBDA). Maps of these areas can be found below.

Northside Cultural Business District

Northside Cultural Business District Authority Proposed Area

The Authority (technically known as a Corridor Improvement Authority) is an economic development tool that allows a commercial corridor to leverage future investment to improve the corridor.


Authority Board

If created, the authority will be overseen by a board appointed by the Mayor. Michigan Law requires the board be comprised of 50% property/business owners and two residents within a half mile. The Northside Neighborhood Plan sets the goal of creating a board made up of 75% residents and 25% property owners.



If created, the NCBDA could create a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plan to divert a percentage of taxes collected to be used within the NCBDA. There will be no change in taxes for taxpayers as a result of the NCBDA. It is a reallocation of a portion of the taxes already collected, which can be directed to projects with the NCBDA.



The goals of the proposed NCBDA include supporting Northside resident owned businesses, creating an identity for the District, and improving building facades, and infrastructure such as sidewalks.


Christina Anderson, City Planner, andersonc@kalamazoocity.org


Authority Priorities as outlined in the Neighborhood Plan

  • Financial incentives to increase the number of resident owned businesses, especially those by African American and low income residents.
  • Increasing the amount of affordable housing available based on income levels in the City of Kalamazoo.
  • Build the cultural identity of the neighborhood with a new logo, murals, art installations, and preserving culturally significant places.
  • Improve facades, infrastructure, sidewalks, and streetscaping in the District.
  • Use Neighborhood Enterprise Zone to support the building and rehabilitation of affordable homeownership.


  • Summer/Fall 2018
    • Create the NCBDA
      • Monday July 16, 2018 - City Commission adopted a resolution of intent to establish the NCBDA and development area
      • Tuesday September 4, 2018 - City Commission public hearing on the establishment of the NCBDA
      • Action to approve NCBDA in November 2018
  • Fall/Winter 2018
  • Spring/Summer 2018
    • Develop branding for the NCBD
    • Refine goals, priorities, establish action steps, such as, development of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan


Northside Association for Community Development – Mattie Jordan Woods


Community Planning and Economic Development



The vision of the NCBDA is to support the objectives of the NCBD which includes increasing and supporting resident owned businesses and the amount of affordable housing in the district while strengthening the cultural identity of the neighborhood.


Economic Vitality, Inviting Public Places, Connected City, Complete Neighborhoods, Strength through Diversity, Shared Prosperity




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