Imagine Kalamazoo builds on the good work that is already being done throughout the city. We will be featuring stories from the city, community, and region that inspire the plans that are being done in our city as well as featured updates on the Imagine Kalamazoo 2025 Strategic Vision and Master Plan process.

SPK: A Revolution of Values

The launch of the Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo blog! Kevin Ford, the Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo (SPK) Coordinator, shares how in order to reach the goals of SPK we must have a "Revolution of Values".

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2018 Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo (SPK) Action Plan

The purpose of Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo (SPK) is to have a community where no adult and no child is isolated or left behind due to poverty and/or inequality of opportunity. On March 5, 2018 the 2018 Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo (SPK) Action Plan was approved unanimously by the Kalamazoo City Commission.

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Planning Commission approves Master Plan

The Master Plan has been approved by Planning Commission

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Master Plan is now available!

The Master Plan is now available!

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