You might remember that last summer we launched a bike survey to better understand the existing conditions of our current bicycle network. That survey input helps to inform us of where we can make things better for our current network right now with things like installing bike racks. That input also tells us where people are currently riding which will be helpful to know when working on future streets design. 

Now we need your input on what the future of our bike network should look like. As we move forward through the Street Design Project we are thinking about where future bike infrastructure should go. The existing & planned bike infrastructure map from the Master Plan is our starting point, but we have a few more questions we need your input on, which is why we have created the Future Bike Network Input survey. We want to know where you would like to be able to bike and whether or not the planned bike infrastructure will meet your biking needs. If not, we’d like to know what’s missing and what we can do to make sure the routes in our bike network are comfortable to ride on.

The deadline to complete the survey is Wednesday, October 16. We will combine the input we have received from both bike surveys as well as the Walking Audits at the Hands On Street Design Workshop where we will start thinking about what we want our streets to look like. The Hands On Street Design Workshop will take place on on Wednesday, October 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Foundry (600 E Michigan Ave).