The Draft Natural Features Protection Ordinance is now available for review and input here. The Natural Features Protection Ordinance and Development Standards would put in place a guide for the development of land on or near areas identified as Natural Features in order to achieve the long-term protection of these areas. The draft and ultimately the Ordinance is created using four guiding principles:

  1. City-Wide Ordinance

  2. Standards included protect the Natural Feature

  3. Standards included can be managed and enforced by City Staff

  4. Not about no development, but about more thoughtful development in areas with Natural Features

The draft needs to be reviewed and discussed by the wider community so that it can be refined over the next 6 weeks. You can view the draft ordinance and share your input here.

City Staff will also be holding four focus groups and a community wide meeting to present, discuss, and revise the draft ordinance with the community. Find your focus group and learn more about the community wide meeting here.