Name:  Sharon Ferraro

Title: Historic Preservation Coordinator

Department: Community Planning & Economic Development 

How long have you lived in Kalamazoo?

All my life since 1953. My family on my dad’s side has lived here since 1921.

What is your favorite thing about Kalamazoo?

The size and friendliness. Big enough for a lot of city benefits but small enough to know well. Also Kalamazoo has always been willing to try new ideas. Starting with the Kalamazoo Mall in 1959, then the Kalamazoo Promise and now FFE.

What neighborhood do you live in?

I have lived in Vine since July 1, 1959 (except between 1977 and 1987 when I lived in upstate New York and outside Washington DC) My 97 year old father lives about 4 blocks away and my brothers family lives nearby as well.

What is your educational background/work experience?

Bachelors in History from WMU in 1992 and a Masters in Historic Preservation from Eastern Michigan University in 1994.

What projects are you working on that are related to Imagine Kalamazoo?

A new city-wide historic resource survey. This is an inventory of all the buildings, structures and sites that are more than 50 years old. The city does the survey as part of the Programmatic Agreement we have with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation that allows us to expedite reviews on projects using federal funds.

List a few of your hobbies.

  • Sewing – quilts and costumes

  • Reading

  • Historic research

What animal matches your personality and why?

Crows – for their intelligence, resourcefulness and curiosity.